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Battery Holders

Battery Holders

Find a great selection of battery holders including battery clips and battery straps online at element14, part of our wide range of battery products.

Battery holders are components that are used for holding and storing batteries. Battery holders are typically constructed out of plastic with the shape of the housing moulded in the shape of the battery that it is to be used for. Within the plastic chamber is a spring or flat tabs that press against the battery which enables the electrical connection.

element14 have a wide selection of battery holders to suit a wide selection go different battery types. Our battery holders include 1/2AAA and AA battery holders right up to C, D and 9V battery holders as well as many more. We also have choice of battery clips and battery straps to suit different applications as well as different battery holder mounts and battery holder sizes to accommodate a single battery through to 8.

Like with all our products, our battery holders are available from industry leading manufacturers including Keystone, Bulgin and Renata. So order your battery holders with us today and take advantage of our high level service including fast despatch and delivery.


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