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Epcos Products
TDK EPCOS and element14 - a partnership that brings you industry leading capacitors, sensors & inductors. Visit our site & order online today.

TDK-EPCOS is a leading provider of passive components, used to process electrical signals, control power supplies and protect electronic circuitry.

Created in 1999 from Siemens Matsushita Components, Epcos became a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation in 2008. TDK was founded in 1934 for the commercial production of ferrite and its pioneering work with this now ubiquitous material was recognised as an IEEE Milestone in 2009.

Epcos is renowned for its range of capacitors, ceramic components, EMC filters, inductors, non-linear resistors, RF modules, surface acoustic wave components, surge arresters and ferrites.

element14 sells a wide selection of Epcos components, such as the collection of Film Capacitors available on full reels for manufacturers. Other capacitors include the B32332 series used mostly for running motors but can also be used for general sine wave applications. Another popular line is the ACT45B range of common-mode data and signal line chokes for automotive CAN bus systems.

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