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Honeywell products
Honeywell and element14 - A partnership that's more than bringing you the best in electronic components. It's our service to you.

Honeywell Sensing and Control

Honeywell supply one of the most extensive range of sensing and switching portfolios, including products ranging from limit, toggle and pressure switches to pressure, position, airflow & humidity sensors and thermostats. Honeywell Sensing and Control sensors and switches solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness for each industry of our expertise.

Honeywell's switches and sensors for industrial applications are flexible and tailored to exact specifications for stronger performance, increased safety and longer productivity which all adds up to reduced operational costs and expenditures. Whether working with OEM customers for individual industrial application specific designs or delivering aftermarket support, Honeywell offers the perfect combination of performance, accuracy, and innovation to meet just about any industrial customer need.

From custom controls, lighting meters and key switches to anything you need for backhoes, military ground equipment, tractors, snowmobiles, dump trucks or most any off-highway vehicle, their transportation solutions are customized to exact, yet flexible to every need. For the aero and defense industry Honeywell develop custom solutions and key switching and sensing products for the widest range of customers, including all major aircraft OEMs and government agencies.

element14 offers a broad range of electromechanical and industrial control components from Honeywell Sensing and Control. You'll find a wide variety of limit switches, toggle switches, microswitches, opto switches, pressure sensors, inductive and magnetic sensors, and many more Honeywell products available at element14.

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