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Electrical Wire

Electrical Wire

Find a great selection of electrical wire online at element14, part of our extesnieve range of cables, wires, and assembly products.

Wires are a major component of electrical circuitary as they are used to carry electrcial signals. They achieve this through the use of a conduting material that is drawn through a hole in a die to create a continuous circular cross section, and this material is typically copper. Copper possesses superior electrical conducting making it a number one choice for electrcial wires.

At element14 we have a wide choice of electrical wire from Leading brands including Amphenol, 3M and Pro Power. Our choice of wire cable includes different conductor materials (bare copper wire, copper wire, and tinned copper wire), reel lengths, conductor sizes, and more. With such a vast choice we are confident that you will find the right wire cable to suit your requirements.

So order your electrical wire today and take advantage of element14's high level service including fast despatch and delivery.

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