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Inductors, Chokes, & Coils

Inductors, Chokes, & Coils

Find a wide selection of inductors, chokes, & coils online at element14, part of our extensive selection of passive components.

Inductors, chokes, and coils are found in many electronic applications and can be typically found in computers, automotive and medical equipment. At element14 we strive to offer the widest selection available on the web.

We have a wide range of inductors, chokes, and coils to choose from including SMD & leaded inductors, ferrite beads, bead arrays and cores as well as much more. All our inductors, chokes, and coils are available from industry leading manufacturers including AVX, EPCOS, Panasonic, TDK, Multicomp, and more. So take advantage of our high quality service today and let us help you make the right design choices.


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