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element14 offers a wide range of solutions from Infineon for automotive, industrial electronics and communications including MOSFETs, diodes, IGBTs, TVS, MCUs, power management ICs and many more products from Infineon.

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CoolMOS™ C7P6 series Power MOSFETs
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MOSFET, N-CH, 650V, 13A, TO-220-3
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MOSFET, N-CH, 600V, 7.3A, TO-252-3
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32-Bit Cortex™ M0 MCUs
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XMC1100, Cortex™ M0 Eval Board
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XMC1100 Boot Kit
The XMC1100 product family integrates the ARM® Cortex™-M0 core into a leading-edge 65nm manufacturing process to overcome the limitations of today’s 8-bit designs. XMC1100 offers current 8-bit users a new opportunity to enjoy 32-bit power, without having to compromise on price or ease of use.

The Infineon KIT_XMC11_BOOT_001 features Infineon XMC1100 microcontroller with 64KB FLASH ARM™Cortex-M0 suitable for industrial applications including general purpose, smart sensors and actuators. Fully compatible with Arduino™ Shield boards.

  • XMC1100 Microcontroller with 64KB Flash
  • Detachable SEGGER J-Link
  • Board shape & power supply for ARDUINOTM Shields: http://shieldlist.org
  • 6 LEDs

Target applications:
Motor control, LED lighting, Digital power conversion, Smart sensors, Touch control, LED displays, General purpose.

Block Diagram - XMC1100 CPU card for Arduino™:

Hardware Description
The following section gives a detailed description of the hardware.

XMC4500 Relax Kit
XMC4500 Relax Kit is designed to evaluate the capabilities of the XMC4500 Microcontroller and the powerful, free of charge tool chain DAVE™3. The XMC4500 Relax Kit extends the feature set with an Ethernet-enabled communication option, e.g. to run an embedded web server. Developers can store their own HTML web pages on a microSD Card or control the XMC4500 via the web browser on their PC.

Block Diagram:
The block diagram below shows the main components of the XMC4500 Relax Kit and their interconnections.

Hardware Description
The diagram below gives a detailed description of the board hardware and how it can be used.

32-bit XMC4000 Industrial Microcontrollers ARM® Cortex™-M4
The XMC4000 family marks a cornerstone in microcontroller design for real-time critical systems. With XMC4000 Infineon combines its leading-edge peripheral set with an industry-standard ARM® Cortex™-M4 core. Featuring Infineon's powerful peripheral set, configurable to specific application requirements, XMC4000 is the ultimate choice for today's industrial control solutions. This family is designed to tackle the imminent challenges of improving energy efficiency, supporting advanced communication protocols, and reducing time-to-market. Family members operate even in high-temperature environments of up to 125 °C, granting you access to their exceptional performance in all corners of your system.

All microcontrollers of the XMC4000 family offer a number of options with respect to CPU frequency, memory density, peripheral functions and number of I/Os. They span a portfolio of compatible devices at well defined feature/cost ratios, allowing selection of the perfect solution for the different requirements in your system. The series XMC4500 allow re-use of software within the family and an easy interchange of hardware with certain pin-compatible packages.

The targeted applications for the XMC4000 family include Motor Control, Position Detection, IO Devices, HMI, Solar Inverters, SMPS, Sense & Control, PLC, UPS, Light Networks

Block Diagram:
The block diagram below shows the main components of the XMC4000 family.

XMC4500 Relax Kit & XMC4500 MCU Features

XMC4500 Relax Kit XMC4500-F100K1024 AB
  • XMC4500 Microcontroller (ARM® Cortex™-M4F based)
  • Detachable on-board debugger
  • Power over USB
  • ESD and reverse current protection
  • 2 x user button and 2 x user LED
  • 4 x SPI-Master, 3x I2C, 3 x I2S, 3 x UART, 2 x CAN, 17 x ADC (12 bit), 2 x DAC, 31x PMW mapped on 2 Pin Headers 2 x 20 0.1"
  • Micro-USB plug
  • Ethernet PHY and RJ45 jack
  • Real Time Clock crystal
  • 32 Mbit Quad-SPI Flash
  • microSD card slot
  • ARM® Cortex™-M4, 120MHz, incl. single cycle DSP MAC and floating point unit (FPU)
  • IEEE 1588 compliant Ethernet MAC
  • USB 2.0 full-speed on-the-go
  • CPU Frequency: 120MHz
  • eFlash: 1,024kB including hardware ECC
  • 160kB SRAM
  • Package: PG-LQFP-100
Also Available: Infineon TVS Diodes
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Embedded Web Server Application with XMC4500 Microcontroller from Infineon

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Create own web pages on the XMC4500 Relax Kit using the embedded web server

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