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International Rectifier products
element14 & International Rectifier - A partnership that brings you more than the best in advanced power management solutions. It's our service to you.

Working with International Rectifier, element14 offers more best-selling IR products for the Asia-Pacific markets, including Switches (MOSFETs, IGBTs); Specialized Switches (Intelligent Power Switches (IPS), and Microelectronic Photovoltaic Relays (MER); Low Voltage Integrated Circuits (Switching (PWM), Switching & Linear Controller ICs, Multiphase PWM Controllers and Drivers, Oring ICs, Bus converters, Low Voltage Switching Regulators); High Voltage Integrated Circuits (Gate Driver ICs, Ballast Control ICs, PFC IC); Integrated Solutions (Motion Control, iMOTION™ Digital Control, iMOTION™ Analog Technology, iMOTION™ Power Technology and Building Blocks, Current Sensing, Digital Control, High Voltage, and Lighting ICs); MOSFET Product Families (Automotive Trench, DirectFET, FetKY, Low Voltage, Mid Voltage)

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Product Categories

µIPM Motor Drive

  • Shortens design time
  • Shrinks board space requirements
  • Replaces more than 20 discrete parts to deliver a complete motor drive stage
  • Slashes assembly time and cost
  • Simplifies procurement and inventory management
  • Reference design kits available for quick evaluation on any 3-phase motor

µIPM™ is International Rectifier's family of ultra compact, surface mount intelligent power modules designed for low power motor drive applications. The modules offer a combination of IR's low RDS(ON) Trench MOSFET technology and the industry benchmark 3-phase high voltage, rugged driver in an ultra compact package; at only 12 x 12 x 0.9 mm, µIPM modules are the smallest in the industry making them suitable for applications that are space-constrained. Integrated bootstrap functionality eliminates the need for external high-voltage diodes, while over-current protection, fault reporting and under-voltage lockout functions deliver a high level of protection and fail-safe operation.

"By utilizing an innovative packaging solution, IR's µIPM products not only offer up to 60 percent smaller footprint compared to existing leading solutions but also deliver advantages in output current capability and system efficiency. Combined with ease of use, improved thermal performance and overall system size reduction, the µIPM family enables designers and system integrators to deliver more cost effective and advanced motor control solutions," said Alberto Guerra, Vice President, Strategic Market Development, IR's Energy Saving Products Business Unit.

Low power:
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • A/C unit, air purifier & ventilation fans
  • Automation units
  • ECM

Class D Amplifier

  • Over current protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Floating differential Input
  • Clip detection
  • Best-in-class power efficiency and audio performance
  • Reduce component count, simplify design
  • Compatible with single supply or split rail configuration

The PowIraudio™ family of integrated power modules for high performance home theatre systems and car audio amplifiers. The new devices integrate a PWM controller and two digital audio power MOSFETs in a single package to offer a highly efficient, compact solution that reduces component count, shrinks PCB size up to 70 percent and simplifies Class D amplifier design.

The combination of an advanced audio controller IC with MOSFETs fully optimized for audio performance results in improved efficiency, THD, and EMI, allowing the IR43xxM family operate without a mechanical heat sink over a wide power supply range on either a single or split power supply. High voltage ratings and noise immunity ensure reliable operation over various environmental conditions.

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