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element14 and Renesas – a partnership that's more than bringing you the best in microcontrollers, development tools, discrete and memory devices. It's our service to you.

Working with Renesas, element14 now offers its latest next generation products for fast delivery, including MCUs, Power MOSFETs, General Purpose IGBTs, Low Power SRAM, Serial EEPROM, and many more products from Renesas

About Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world's number one supplier of microcontrollers, Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions and a broad range of analogue and power devices for the South, South-East Asia and Oceania market. In addition to device sales, the company also provides design services including reference solutions, embedded systems and tools development.

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RX600: 100MHz 32-Bit MCUs
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RX210: 50MHz 32-Bit MCUs
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What is Gadget Renesas?

Gadget Renesas is a promotion project to offer a series of boards and "easy to start with" cloud-based software environment for people who have no embedded programming experience, for embedded professionals to do rapid prototyping.

Features and System Configuration

  • Rapid prototyping solution for embedded solution professionals, students and hobbyists who have no embedded programming experience
  • The cloud-based software development environment enables tablets and smart phones to be used as a user software development platform.
  • Arduino compatible with superior performance and many advanced on-chip peripherals such as Ethernet and USB host.
  • Promote user community site for users to ask questions and share knowhow and to announce event information.

*Note: For information about Arduino, Click Here

  • Renesas 32-bit RX63N Group MCU (R5F563NBDDFP) is on-board
  • Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers ready for its shields.
  • Equipped with LAN connector (RJ-45), USB host connector, DC power supply jack, and MMC card shell

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