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Samtec, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. At Samtec, the focus is on creating superior capabilities and differentiation within niche products and markets. Products include Q-Strip® and Q2™ PC Board stacking connectors, EDGE Rate Board to Board connectors, SEARAY™ and HD MEZZ™ High Density Arrays, Q2™ and HS edge card Micro BackPlane connectors and I/O Connectors.

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HSEC8 Series High Speed Card Connectors
0.80mm (0.032")

QSH and Qth Series High Speed Stacking Connectors
0.50mm (0.020″)

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“We are excited about our new relationship with Premier Farnell,” said Scott Lamb,Samtec Global Distribution Manager. “Premier Farnell’s global reach and dedication to the engineering and design segments for the electronics market are a great fit with Samtec’s product offering.”

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