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Soldering Stations

Soldering Stations

Find a great selection of soldering stations, tools, and soldering accessories from industry leading manufacturers online at element14, part of our extensive range of tools and production supplies.

Soldering stations are a vital piece of kit and a must have for anyone working with electronic circuit boards. We understand the need for quality when it comes to design and that is why we offer only the best soldering stations and equipment from leading brands including Hakko, OKI Metcal and Weller, plus Multicore and Chemtronics.

Our choice of soldering stations and soldering equipment is vast and we strive to continually bring you the best soldering tools available. Our selection includes soldering stations, desoldering & rework stations and fume extraction systems. We also have a high number of soldering irons including mains soldering irons, gas soldering irons and battery soldering irons, as well as a wide range of soldering accessories such as solder tips & nozzles, sponges, and more. All this is complimented by our great range of consumables, from soldering wire and soldering paste to desoldering braid.

So order soldering tools and equipment with us today and take advantage of our high level service including fast despatch and delivery.

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