element14 is continuously monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) and its global impact on our colleagues and operations. Our main objective at the moment is to balance employee safety with business continuity.

Among the many actions taken by element14 and our business partners, the main ones include:

For our employees and customers

  • element14 employees who can work from home are doing so, and have all the equipment they need to continue company activities.
  • We have suspended customer visits from element14 employees until further notice.
  • Our courier partners have taken all the necessary measures in this emergency situation, as directed by local health authorities.

For your business

  • Your business is also of fundamental importance to us and we are committed to doing everything possible to minimise any repercussions on our supply chain and on your orders. Our global procurement teams are in constant contact with our suppliers and logistic partners to collect the most detailed and updated data regarding existing orders and expected deliveries, as well as any early indicators of changes that may interest us. To date, we have not experienced any interruptions along our supply chain from suppliers. However, we expect longer delivery times for new orders in some regions. So we recommend that you promptly place new orders on element14.com
  • Our sales and support teams are available to answer any specific request on your account. You can contact them through the usual channels. If you need further assistance, we are here to help you as always. Contact us.
  • For any product information, please visit our website to get real-time information on product availability, delivery and supply times. Finally, to ensure faster processing of your request, place your order or send us a request for online quotation.
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Official announcements on coronavirus updates available here