Industrial automation - all the power & control

The traditional manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is being accelerated by exponentially growing technologies all over the world (e.g. intelligent robots, autonomous drones, smart sensors, 3D printing). Understanding, developing and implementing integrated strategies that leverage Industry 4.0 technologies is already a priority for many organisations in this rapidly changing world.

Naturally, there is a strong correlation between having Industry 4.0 woven throughout one's strategy and believing that IoT, AI, cloud, and big data/analytics will have a significant impact on the organisation. The electronics industry is already responding with smaller and smarter sensors, more reliable connectors, more adaptable enclosure systems and faster and more convenient wired and wireless communications technologies.

In this latest edition of eTechjournal "Industrial automation - all the power & control", we will go through the technologies for smart industrial automation - changing the way manufacturers design and build their products:

  • Leverage the Internet of Things to set up a smart factory
  • Fast and high precision motor control for high performance
  • IO-Link®, a pivotal technology for smart industrial automation
  • Automate away complexity & repetitiveness with robotic process automation
  • Automation power modules: typical failure modes and how to solve them

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