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Smart 12 V (BL)DC motor control solutions tailored to specific applications

No matter what you touch in a car, you can be sure that it is probably close to an electric motor. Brushed DC motors are easy to control and often serve as actuators with an overall short operating time. Torque control down to zero speed is easy to achieve.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors offer higher efficiency with a smaller motor size. They are ideal for applications demanding long-term continuous duty like fuel pumps and engine cooling fans.

Find the right solution for your requirements

The matrix on the right hand side gives a broad overview of Infineon’s solution offering. It compares three levels of integration, each one with its own design specifics and value proposition.

A low-integrated solution with discrete components gives you the flexibility to select the optimal device for each function. The result is a tailor-made design that fits your target application like a glove. High-current drives in particular benefit from the latest MOSFETs offering lowest RDS(on) in thermally optimized packages. You also have the flexibility to drive up to seven motors with one driver device. Typical applications include seats and centralized door locks.

Featured motor control Ics
Multi MOSFET driverTLE92108-232Buy Now
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AURIX™ microcontrollerSAK-TC234LP-32F200N ACBuy Now
XENSIV™ Hall sensorTLE4963-2MBuy Now
OptiMOS™ power MOSFETIAUC60N04S6N044Buy Now
MOSFET TransistorIAUC100N04S6N028Buy Now
TransceiverTLE9250VSJBuy Now
OPTIREG™ power supplyTLS820F0EL V50Buy Now
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Medium-integrated devices combine gate drivers with the MOSFET power stage in a single package. A small PCB footprint, diagnostic feedback and protection features add to the benefits of this integration concept. Fewer components also reduce qualification and manufacturing effort.

Typical target applications include HVAC blowers, HVAC flaps, mirror controls and power lift gates.

Featured motor control Ics
NovalithIC™ half-bridgeBTN8982TABuy Now
Multi half-bridgeTLE94112ELBuy Now
Full-bridgeTLE9201SGBuy Now
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AURIXTM microcontrollerSAK-TC275TP-64F200N DCBuy Now
XENSIV™ Hall sensorTLE4963-2MBuy Now
System Basis Chips (SBC)TLE9262-3BQXBuy Now
TLE9461-3ESBuy Now
TransceiverTLE9250VSJBuy Now
OPTIREG™ power supplyTLE850F0TA V50Buy Now
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DC motor shield for ArduinoTLE94112ELSHIELDTOBO1Buy Now
DC motor control shield for ArduinoDCMOTORCONTRBTN8982TOBO1Buy Now

Infineon Embedded Power ICs are system-on-chip solutions integrating data processing, actuation and sensing. Extensive diagnostics and protection features are embedded for high system reliability on a minimal footprint. This platform includes solutions for both relay- and MOSFET-driven solutions targeted at DC and BLDC applications. All Embedded Power ICs are software-compatible, thus maximizing your design effort through scalability.

Customers typically use this device family for auxiliary pumps and fans, window lifts or sunroof applications.

Featured motor control Ics
Embedded Power relay driver IC with integrated Arm® Cortex®-M0TLE9844-2QXBuy Now
Embedded Power H-bridge driver IC with integrated Arm® Cortex®-M0TLE9855QXBuy Now
Embedded Power H-bridge driver IC with integrated Arm® Cortex®-M3TLE9867QXA40Buy Now
Embedded Power 3-phase bridge driver IC with integrated Arm® Cortex®-M3TLE9879QXA40Buy Now
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XENSIV™ Hall sensorTLE4961-1MBuy Now
XENSIV™ TMR sensorTLE5501 E0001Buy Now
OptiMOS™ power MOSFETIPZ40N04S5-3R1Buy Now
IAUC100N04S6N022Buy Now
IAUC80N04S6N036Buy Now
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BLDC shield for ArduinoBLDCSHIELDTLE9879TOBO1Buy Now
TLE5501 EvalkitTLE5501EVALKITTOBO1Buy Now