New BOM tool

The new BOM tool has a great improvement:

  • BOM file uploading speed, matching speed and matched percentage have been increased impressively.
  • Products will be matched to a specific packaging type based on the quantity you entered. You can change the packaging option from the review and resolve page of the BOM process.
  • You can delete individual items (matched or unmatched) or add new items in the matched result page.
  • You can ADD to basket/download the matched BOM file.

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Enhancement to the Search

Our search bar will remember all the terms that have previously been used. Even better, we have developed functionality that allows you to edit/modify these search terms directly on the page.

We also update the type header suggestions to include a products image and your related purchased items will be highlighted and you can direct check the related order details. A great time saver!

Filter Redesign

Our filter tools can help you to narrow down your searches to find out your items. From the very top search level you can manually filter by availability or Manufacturer.

We recently updated this tool with convenient new features:

  • if you want to select a range of attributes to filter by, simply press Shift key/ Ctrl key and select or click and drag your mouse.
  • ‘Search within Filters’ is a simple yet effective addition to the Parametric Filter Page.

Better Product Detail Page

To make your experience shopping with us easier, we have redesigned our product detail page to make sure the information you need is right there you need:

  • Trace parts 3D CAD is now live! This is a powerful tool that provides immediate access to 3D models & 2D CAD drawings for free. It enables designers and engineers to make a quick visual evaluation (view/zoom from any angle) before downloading and integrating into their favorite CAD software.
  • You can copy the MPN/Order code/Product title with one click.
  • You can also click and select the products attributes and search to find similar products.
  • Also you can find alternative Products/similar products recommendations if the product is no longer manufactured or out of stock.

Enhanced Order History search

You can now search your past orders using any of these search criteria: PO number | Order confirmation number | Product Order code | MPN | Customer part number | Manufacturer | Delivery address | Product details

You can also filter by Order status and Date range.

And remember: you can find the last 5 years of all your previous orders in the Order Status & Tracking, whether you placed the order on the web, by phone, or by another method. You can also see your colleagues’ orders, if you have linked your web & trade account. Log in to use the new search.