Phoenix Contact

PCB Connectors

PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact provide a universal conductor connection. Various centerlines from 2.0 mm to 15 mm and currents of up to 115 A (UL) cover all possible applications in industrial and semi-industrial environments.

  • Secure connections - tight tolerances and innovative locking methods
  • Numerous connections - engineered for long life and multiple plugging cycles
  • Flexible connections - many connection directions for wire entry and plugging to the board

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PCB Connectors - Headers and Pinstrips
Screw Connection

Phoenix Contact offers headers and pinstrips for mounting on the PCB in a wide range of versions, supporting all industry-standard assembly processes, such as:

  • Wave soldering
  • Surface mount technology
  • Through hole reflow soldering
  • Press-in technology
PCB Connectors - Plugs

Your connection method to the plug is no longer limited. Phoenix Contact offers a variety of termination technologies: 

  • Screw connection
  • Spring connection
  • Insulation displacement connection (IDC)
  • Insulation piercing connection (IPC)
  • Crimp connection