All facilities waste energy due to overheated electrical distribution systems and overloaded and misaligned rotating assets. Smart energy management systems coupled to predictive maintenance (PdM) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are effective solutions to this industrial problem. Predictive maintenance is discussed in Section 4 of the whitepaper "Smart Solutions for Energy Efficiency" (click here for more details). This blog discusses the principles of predictive maintenance and why organisations are implementing predictive maintenance systems to reduce energy waste in an industrial context.

These technologies enable intelligent manufacturing. It results in improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), which is used in industrial process management to monitor and analyse production rates. The OEE idea is popular nowadays since it allows us to identify the source of a problem in industrial equipment.

Predictive Maintenance helps to reduce energy waste:

Predictive maintenance solutions come in a variety of forms for reducing energy waste. Acoustic monitoring, infrared technology, vibration analysis, oil analysis, and motor circuit analysis are a few of the most commonly used technologies.

PdM relies solely on the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, cyber-physical systems (CPSs), big data analysis (BDA), plus information and communication (ICT) technologies.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the biggest energy consumers in an industrial building's infrastructure, thus their continuous, effective operation is critical. Misalignment of any mechanical equipment causes an increase in vibrations or noise, this impact is transformed into energy loss. Improper lubrication can lead to friction in the bearing, enabling the motor to use an excessive amount of electrical energy. Uneven mass distribution on a fan impeller causes an imbalance owing to the accumulation of invisible dust particles and adds to excessive energy consumption. The rise in temperature caused by insufficient lubrication necessitates online monitoring as well. Harmonic filters used to remove harmonic distortion can produce high excitation frequencies, increasing vibration levels, acceleration, and equipment heating. This temperature increase represents the waste of heat energy. Excessive energy consumption is commonly associated with the natural tendency to over-utilise equipment to meet performance objectives. Proactive measures to track vibration patterns, noise levels, temperature variations, and other indicators that provide insight into the operating condition of the equipment may ensure efficient energy utilisation.

Adopting energy efficiency and a sustainable approach are the objectives of predictive maintenance solutions. It encompasses energy optimisation, detection, and exploration of opportunities to reduce energy waste and expenses. Furthermore, this prognostic management system gives an early warning for equipment problems or replacement. Instead of ignoring malfunctions and running equipment to failure, the diagnostics deliver a comprehensive analysis.

IoT-based automation allows various power-operated devices to digitally connect with a centralised gateway via wireless sensors and actuators, allowing the Plant Manager to monitor and manage operations of enormous industrial plants from anywhere in the globe. It allows for the data collection and analysis from the desired perspective using AI/ML algorithms via a centralised cloud platform. ‘Condition monitoring’ checks the status of critical components such as compressors, motors, fans in real-time so that any anomalies can be immediately detected and Predictive Maintenance is implemented and performed.

element14 provides a one-stop platform for the key components needed to provide intelligent, real-time monitoring with partners to provide the key additional products needed for complete solutions. Some of the products categories of Predictive Maintenance are Test equipment, Development kits, ESD protection products, Electrical Testing Equipment, Thermal Imaging, Machine Safety these products as well as the associated ecosystem of its partners, enable Predictive Maintenance in a wide range of applications in smart industries and facilities for improved reliability and operations, with the added benefits of reduced energy waste, operating costs, and ensuring consistently optimal conditions for tenant comfort.


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