The BEE story

Once upon a time, right here on planet Earth, our good friend, the humble bee, was happy.
The days were long, light and full of clean air.

Flowers bloomed freely, trees stretched their branches up towards the bright blue sky, and the sun shone with smiling rays. Every day, our stripey yellow friends flew through the air, pollinating crops and helping put food on our plates.

But one day, the world went dark. The air began to fill with pollutants, which slowed down the bees' pollination journey. Trees crashed down, pesticides laced the earth, and the places bees could call home became few and far between.

Suddenly, the bees were struggling to survive. The insect that pollinates around three-quarters of the world’s crops and provides one out of every three mouthfuls of the food we eat was dying.

We knew we had to do something. This was our chance to harness the power of our global reach and local presence and to work with organisations big and small across the world. Because the humble bee is just like us. Hardworking, collaborative and on a mission to make the world a better place.

So, what have we done? In 2022, we started working with a charity called NearBees, and right now, we sponsor five beehives in Germany – home to more than 250,000 bees!

We launched the 'Save the Bees' design challenge with our element14 community. We encouraged our engineer heroes to save the day for bees using hardware and tech.

But the journey’s only just beginning. We’re getting ready to launch a global quest to save the bee population across the world. From now on, we will save one bee for every element14 order placed with us. So, every time you shop with us, you’ll be helping to save the world.

In the next 12, months we’re aiming to save 3,000,000 bees globally.

Together, we can give this story the happy ending it deserves. Ready to help bees live happily ever after with us?

The World Bee Project runs beekeeping education and skills trainings for tribal women from rural India, which enable them to establish sustainable livelihoods as beekeepers through the sale of honey and bee products. The women also help to restore biodiversity by planting declining plant species and learn to protect and increase populations of the native honeybee species.

Planet Bee is dedicated to creating a green-minded generation by teaching about the importance of bees as a pathway to STEM through the power of science and stewardship. We support project Beekeeper’s in Need dedicated for beekeepers with a grant to start one or more beehives.

3Bee develops systems to improve bees' health and to protect the biodiversity. Through their unique technologies, beekeepers can constantly and comprehensively monitor their hives in order to optimize production, save time and treat their bees by preventing problems and diseases.