Unlock more space on your bench without compromising performance. At only 1.5 inches thick and less than 4 pounds, the 2 series MSO is a full-featured, realtime touchscreen oscilloscope in a compact, portable form factor that feels like a tablet. On the benchtop, in the classroom, or to the field, take it wherever your measurement challenges take you.

  • Thin, lightweight design
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Up to 500 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Built-in 16 MSO channels (requires SUP2-MSO option)
  • Field upgradeable bandwidth
  • Serial decode
  • Full featured analysis
  • Software enabled
  • Compatible with VESA mount and accessories
6 Series B MSO Oscilloscope


Embedded design

Embedded designs have never been faster, more complex, and connected so their measurement technology must be on the same wavelength. Engineers need tools that can validate, test and design with speed and accuracy.

  • Power supply sequence and measurement
  • Serial protocol triggering and analysis for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and SENT
  • Device characterization
  • Data sharing and remote collaboration
  • Control signal capture and analysis with 16 digital channels


2 series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope – advanced triggering, search and protocol decode (Chapter 2)
How to decode i2C with the 2 series MSO oscilloscope
2 series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope – a full set of analysis tools (Chapter 3)
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2 series MSO - digital pattern generator
How to decode RS232 on the 2 series MSO oscilloscope


Designed with new users and hybrid learning environments in mind, the 2 Series MSO, is the perfect instrument for teaching the next generation of engineers.

  • Menus with graphical images and explanatory text for quick feature overviews
  • Integrated help system promotes self learning/discovery
  • Software enabled for remote teaching, sharing, and learning
  • Ability to independently disable autoset, cursors, and measurements


The modern automotive industry moves quickly, and these engineers and technicians need the right oscilloscope at their fingertips to identify issues quickly and easily. The 2 series MSO combines bench-level performance in a portal scope to help unlock new user experiences and make field debug accessible, precise and repeatable.

  • Controller area network (CAN) bus troubleshooting
  • Designing / debugging electronic control units (ECUs)
  • SENT sensor bus troubleshooting
  • In-vehicle or in-field testing with optional battery pack
  • Vehicle sensor test and debug
  • Local interconnect network (LIN) bus troubleshooting


How to use decode CAN protocols with the 2 series MSO oscilloscope


Streamline your manufacturing process by seamlessly transitioning from design to testing on the production floor with the unmatched versatility of the 2 Series MSO oscilloscope.

  • Limit and mask testing based on golden reference signal
  • Board rework and trouble shooting
  • Failure analysis
  • Automated test


How to use cursors and automated measurements on the 2 series MSO oscilloscope


The new tektronix 2 series mixed signal oscilloscope
2 series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope introduction
How to setup VNC for 2 series MSO remote operation
2 series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope – modern user interface and simplified controls (Chapter 1)
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2 series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope - accessories (Chapter 6)
Engineering a viral sensation with tektronix oscilloscopes – the ZipString story
2 series MSO demo with chris witt
5 reasons you need a 2 series MSO oscilloscope


6 Series B MSO Oscilloscope
Input channels2 or 4
Digital channels16 (Requires SUP2-MSO option for funcationality)
Bandwidth70, 100, 200, 350, 500 MHz
Sample rate1.25 GS/s (all channels on) 2.5 GS/s (half channels on)
Max record length10 M points
Resolution8 bit
Trigger typesEdge, pulse width, runt, timeout, logic, setup & hold, rise/fall time, parallel bus
Protocol decodeI2C, SPI, RS232/422/485/UART, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SENT
Display10.1-inch TFT color | WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution | capacitive (multi-touch) touchscreen
Battery2 Batteries 8 hours, hot swap
Ports2 USB host, 1 USB device, 1 ethernet
VESA mount100mm x 100mm
Data sheetPDF provided

Order information

Manufacturer part number


Analog channels

Digital channels


MSO22 2-BW-70395826021670 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-1003958262216100 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-2003958263216200 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-3503958264216350 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-350:2-P6139B3958266216350 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-5003958265216500 MHz
MSO22 2-BW-500:2-P6139B3958268216500 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-70395826941670 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-1003958271416100 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-2003958272416200 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-3503958273416350 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-350:2-P6139B3958275416350 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-5003958274416500 MHz
MSO24 2-BW-500:2-P6139B3958276416500 MHz


Outfit your scope with all of the accessories you need to make your setup portable and efficient

Optional accessory



P63162400616MSO logic probe with 8x2 square pin headers. 16 digital channal capability.
2-BP 4068783 Battery pack with 2 battery slots and 1 battery for use with 2 series MSO (ships separately)
TEKBAT-01 4068784 Additional battery for use with battery pack 2-BP or opt 2-BATPK
TEKCHG-01 4068785 Standalone battery charger for charging TEKBAT-01 battery