Precision measurement critical to analog development

When it comes to automotive or industrial applications, you’ll want to ensure that every measurement you take—and on which your systems depend—is as precise as possible. Fortunately, Maxim Integrated precision measurement ICs offer unparalleled accuracy and performance for an array of analog applications. Thanks to increased resolution and integration, their high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are ideal for data acquisition systems.

Whether you’re interested in innovating around motor monitoring, weigh scale or building automation, Maxim’s family of precision measurement ICs offer peak efficiency, speed and accuracy, so you can be confident in your design. Ready to learn more about Maxim’s range of precision measurement products?


SolutionsManufacturer Part #s Product imageBuy now
Analog-to-Digital ConvertersMAX11410, MAX11168Precision measurementBuy now
Digital-to-Analog ConvertersMAX5541, MAX5715Precision measurementBuy now
Audio AmplifiersMAX6173, MAX6279, MAX98357A, MAX98390Precision measurementsBuy now
Operational AmplifiersMAX40100, MAX44246Precision measurementBuy now
Current-Sense AmplifiersMAX44284, MAX40201, MAX40010Precision measurementBuy now